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Muhammad Saleh Basharahil Hospital ensures the comfort of our patients during their stay and therefore offers three types of rooms based upon availability and/or as preferred by the patient.  

Semi-private (two beds),  Private First Class, VIP Suites and the luxurious Royal Suite. 



About Your Bed 

Your hospital bed is equipped with controls to regulate its height and to raise and lower the head and feet positions.  Because your medical condition can affect your balance and mobility, side rails may be temporarily placed in the "up" position.

Please do not try to get out of bed by yourself if the rails are elevated or if your physician has requested you remain in bed. Once your physician has approved that you may leave your bed, please ask for help in getting in or out of bed if you are weak or unsteady on your feet.

A nurse call button is located at your bedside.  Simply push this button when you need assistance and a member of your nursing team will come to your room or respond through the intercom at the nurses' station.

You may be transferred from one room to another or from one floor to another.  This may occur because of your medical needs or upon your personal request.  Such moves will be handled as efficiently and conveniently as possible for you.

Leaving Your Room

The nursing staff must know where you are at all times.  Do not leave your room without notifying a member of your unit's nursing staff.  If you require tests or procedures that are administered in another location, you will be accompanied by a hospital staff member.

No Smoking

Muhammad Saleh Basharahil Hospital is a NO SMOKING facility. 

Smoking is prohibited by staff, patients and visitors in all areas of the hospital.

Lost and Found

If you have lost a personal item, please notify the hospital's Security Department as soon as possible.

The Security office, which is located on the ground floor near the employees' entrance, can be reached by calling Ext. 3103.

The Royal Suite


VIP Suite